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Autorun Virus Remover

Autorun Virus Remover provides additional antivirus protection against any autorun viruses trying to attack via USB drive
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Autorun Remover
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17 August 2012

Editor's review

Autorun.inf virus has been a real pain for a lot of current PC users even if you are using popular Antiviruses like AVG, Kaspersky, Avast etc. Now if you desperately wanting to remove the autorun virus from your USB storage devices then Autorun Virus Remover 3.2 is the only solution you can have besides formatting. Designed with proactive technology the Autorun Virus Remover can effortlessly remove as well as block them that try to infect or enters your system through different USB drives like Flash drives, portable multimedia devices etc. So try this security tool for your PC and USB devices and keep them safe and secured from the Autorun virus.

Autorun Virus Remover has certain key features that not only make it effective but also unique in the race. The removal of the autorun virus is permanent in nature unlike other Anti-viruses, with the innovative technology it is equipped with. All it takes is the clicking of scan virus that will trigger the software to quickly scan the autorun virus present in your PC or USB devices and remove them effortlessly. Once it removes the virus it will ensure that block it every time and not allow them to enter your system. This antivirus also brings with the data leaking prevention function that can help you set USB port status to Read-only as well as Readable/Writable mode plus disable using of USB storage devices to prevent leakages of devices. Most antivirus needs constant updating through internet so as to prevent PCs from virus or malicious attacks. But the Autorun Virus Remover demands no such criteria and works very effectively in protecting offline computers.

Lastly we can add one more prominent feature to your knowledge it acquires is that it is compatible with many popular antivirus and works in parallel with them to provide a secure arena against any attack. So Autorun Virus Remover gets a well deserve

d 3.5 score on a scale of 5 for its effectual performance.

Publisher's description

Autorun Virus Remover is an autorun removal tool which provides protection additional against any threats trying to infect PC via USB flash drive. When USB storage device is inserted into your computer, Autorun Virus Remover will automatically scan it, block and remove autorun virus, trojans, and worms in USB. Also, it can delete autorun.inf in USB and new folder exe virus in your computer.
Autorun Virus Remover can also solves the problem of unable to open hard disk or USB drive by double clicking caused by autorun.inf virus. Autorun Removal antivirus tool permanently protects online&offline computer against any autorun viruses without the need for frequent signature updates. This light and easy to use solution is compatible with other antivirus software and doesn't slow down your computer at all. Autorun Virus Tool supports all kinds of USB storage device: pen drive, USB sticks, USB disk, Mp3, flash key.
Autorun Virus Remover
Autorun Virus Remover
Version 3.2
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